Building Across the State Where We Live and Work

As a general contractor, M. B. Kahn knows that construction is not just about a “building” – it’s about the people who live or work in that building, about the neighborhood or campus in which it’s built, and the impact it has on the local community and the environment. M. B. Kahn embraces the many opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that come with constructing any building. But, we have a special interest in building those that are in our own backyard. Since 1927, M. B. Kahn’s work has had a far-reaching impact on the major cities in South Carolina. And, it’s not by coincidence that we live in those cities and have key offices positioned there. Drive through Columbia, Greenville, or Charleston, and you will see our work; you will see our name on jobsite signs and our pride in every brick or piece of steel in the buildings we construct.


Constructing LongevityShaping the Future

M. B. Kahn constructs buildings to last. From the Upstate to the Low Country, there is hardly a project type we haven’t built and put our stamp on. It’s clear that our impact on South Carolina is due largely to the fact that our buildings – even those built decades ago – are not only still standing, but thriving. Just as M. B. Kahn has continued to grow and evolve for over 95 years, we are proud to know that our buildings will do the same thing: continually meeting the ever changing needs of our clients and friends for many years to come.

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