EPC Contractor Services Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Expertise

Under an EPC contract, the contractor designs the facility, procures the necessary equipment and materials, and builds the project. In most cases, the EPC contractor carries the project risk for the schedule as well as the budget in return for a fixed price or guaranteed maximum price (GMP), depending on the agreed upon scope of work. When the scope is restricted to engineering and procurement, this is referred to as an EP, E and P, or E+P contract. This is often done in situations in which trade contractors are hired to perform the different scopes of work or when the owner does the construction.


Why Choose EPC?The Benefits of an EPC Delivery

The short explanation of the EPC delivery method’s benefits is that it simplifies the process for the project owner, reducing stress and offering protection. An owner may select EPC for reasons that include:

  • Having a single point of contact
  • Simplifying communication
  • Ensuring availability of post-commissioning services
  • Being protected against changing prices for materials, etc.
  • Establishing cost before the start of the project
  • Guaranteeing quality & reduced construction headaches

What People Are Saying

“Blue Cross/Blue Shield of SC has a long and excellent relationship with M. B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc. When we decided that we needed to completely renovate our existing 51 Clemson Road facility, and to do it quickly, we knew we needed to utilize them as our builder.”

- J. D. Holt, Vice President General Services, BCBS of South Carolina