Sustainability Proud Green Builder

M. B. Kahn is fully committed to sustainability and the practices of green building. We have experience with all types of green building projects, including LEED®-certified facilities, Green Globe-certified buildings, and other programs and initiatives. We have the experience and knowledge needed to build virtually any project using these principles, and we take pride in helping advance sustainable building practices throughout the Southeast.

Benefits of SustainabilityAn Advantage for All

The rewards to practicing sustainability are many, for builders, project owners, and society as a whole. Our green buildings can:

  • Lower operating costs & increase asset value
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Conserve energy & water
  • Be healthier & safer for occupants
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances, & other incentives

Now, How Can We Help? Put Us to Work.

We’ve told you what we can do, now let’s start building. Whether you’re interested in starting a project or want to join our team, click below to connect with us.

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