Our Work in Columbia, SC Construction in the Capital City

In the last 20 years, the City of Columbia has embarked on extraordinary revitalization efforts, particularly in the downtown area, drawing in new people and activity that’s restored it to its former glory. M. B. Kahn has been honored to watch this city thrive once again and is thrilled to continually contribute our construction services to bolster our own hometown.


The Downtown EffectRehabilitating a City

It’s common that through rebuilding a city’s downtown area—often seen as its hub—progression begins to spread throughout the entire area. That’s what continues to occur in Columbia, as focus to reestablish the downtown over the last two decades has aided in the growth of the city. Residents and visitors now enjoy thriving districts that house popular restaurants, shops, and galleries while benefiting from new area attractions. This new construction keeps the spirit of Columbia alive, and our team at M. B. Kahn works hard to continue our over 95-year legacy through providing sustainable construction services all over the city and surrounding areas.

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