Our Work in Charleston, SC Honoring History as a Preferred General Contractor

It’s no secret that Charleston, South Carolina is known for its history and old-South charm, both by residents and tourists. Charleston pays tribute to a simpler time, preserving its antebellum architecture in areas like The Battery and Rainbow Row, as well as maintaining the values that set it apart from other cities, like limiting downtown building heights. M. B. Kahn has worked in the Charleston, SC area for many decades as a distinguished general contractor, seeking to honor and complement the current city design and building practices.


Continuing TraditionPreserving the Beauty of Charleston

At M. B. Kahn, we feel the construction industry has a responsibility when working in cities like Charleston to preserve what makes them great while helping them evolve. Residents of the area take pride in the time-honored look and feel of the city and are hesitant to disturb tradition when it comes to building projects. We understand, and we’ve spent decades getting to know the Charleston area. Through our work in the city, we aim to faithfully protect its historic charm while providing new, sustainably-built structures that will serve its residents for years to come.

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