Our Work in Greenville, SC Moving Forward with Qualified Contractor Services

The last decade has been one of constant change for Greenville, South Carolina. It wasn’t that long ago that the downtown area appeared almost abandoned, with little activity or business taking place. The revitalization of the city, particularly the downtown area, has brought new life to this once aged mill town that surprised residents. M. B. Kahn is proud to be part of the restoration Greenville, SC has undergone over the years, offering contractor services designed to keep the city moving forward.


Respectful RenaissanceRestoring a Strong Urban Core

Greenville is ranked as one of the top ten best downtowns in the country by Livability and called “a National Model for a Pedestrian Friendly City Center” by The New York Times. Restored landmarks throughout the city draw in more and more residents and tourists, who want to be a part of its vibrant growth. M. B. Kahn feels privileged to be part of the city’s revitalization, which continues to bring it back to life in a way that positively impacts its people and the surrounding areas.

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