M. B. Kahn Reaches Major Milestone in Horry County Speculative Building Project May 6, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement in our Horry County Speculative Building project – the completion of the tiltwall panels! This milestone represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to bring this ambitious project to fruition. The completion of the tiltwall panels not only showcases our commitment to quality and precision but also underscores the hard work and dedication of our entire team.

Tiltwall construction is known for its efficiency and durability, making it a popular choice for large-scale projects like ours. By casting the concrete panels on-site and then lifting them into place, we ensure a seamless and robust structure. This method not only expedites the construction process but also enhances the overall integrity of the building. With the tiltwall panels now in place, we are one step closer to completing a facility that will stand as a testament to modern engineering and construction excellence.

As we progress towards the final stages of the Horry County Speculative Building project, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team is diligently working on the next phases, including interior build-outs and site enhancements, to ensure the project’s timely and successful completion. We extend our gratitude to our partners, clients, and the local community for their unwavering support. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides towards completing this landmark project.

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