Wellness Program: Healthy Choices Challenge July 19, 2021

According to the Daily Livestock Report, the average American ate 224.63 pounds of meat in 2020, more than almost any country on the planet. Meat-heavy diets have been linked to autoimmune and inflammatory disease, cancer, and heart disease. Employees are encouraged to put a dent in meat addiction by making today meat-free!

In addition to Meatless Monday, the M. B. Kahn wellness team encourages employees to make more conscious decisions with food choices all week. Maybe switch that soda for water or opt for a salad over a burger.

Three lucky employees who take part in the Healthy Choices Challenge will win a week’s worth of fully chef-prepared meals from Primal Gourmet (or similar depending on office/job location) and an M. B. Kahn Wellness water bottle!

Employees, watch your email for details on sharing the meatless meals you enjoyed on Monday and the healthier choices you will make this week.

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