M. B. Kahn Summer of Support May 1, 2018

As we enter the month of May and begin focusing our attentions on vacation, summer fun, and relaxation, let’s not forget that most charitable organizations experience what’s known as the “Summer Slump” as charitable giving and donations drop dramatically.

To help alleviate some of the shortages, M. B. Kahn is launching the Summer of Support. Over the next four months we will be collecting donations for different organizations, movements, and agencies within our local community whose needs are always great.

Beginning this month, our focus will be on a different organization every month. Bins will be placed in the lobby of the Corporate Office located at 101 Flintlake Road, Columbia, SC to collect items for the organization’s most urgent needs.

Office and Field Personnel are encouraged to participate! Employees who want to learn more, please email nstroud@mbkahn.com.


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