Richland Edgewood Library

Transformed from a retail space to a vibrant, 7,000 square-foot library, Edgewood Library is the perfect place to learn, create and share with friends and neighbors. The facility, which was once a drugstore, now features a bike repair station, children’s area, meeting spaces, a makerspace, oral history recording room, and a teen area. Artist Ayako Abe-Miller describes the distinctive facade of the library like this:

“People use the word “treasure” for gold, jewels and other precious things. I feel that this word captures the essence or soul of the Edgewood community. Each time I walked through the neighborhood and spoke to the residents, I sensed their great pride in their community, history and neighbors. In this artwork, I created seven panels that reflect that pride in the community, history and people of Edgewood. The people depicted on the panels were done in silhouette so that they could represent all members of the community. Edgewood’s greatest treasure is its people.”

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