Plum Island WWTP Aeration Basin Diffuser, Sludge Tank, & Other Improvements Charleston, South Carolina

M. B. Kahn has completed over $12.5M worth of improvements to the Plum Island WWTP owned by Charleston Water System. Scope of services have included the construction of a new wastewater blower building and sludge tank, rehabilitation to the headworks station, piping upgrades, and the installation of a fine-bubble diffuser aeration system for the water pollution control process. Plum Island WWTP uses primary and secondary treatment methods to remove pollutants then releases the cleaned water into the Charleston Harbor. In 2013, the CWS was awarded the Platinum Peak Performance Award by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for six consecutive years of 100% permit compliance at Plum Island. In 2017, M. B. Kahn completed a $500k interior renovations to the four existing maintenance and office buildings.

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