Mill Creek Pump Station Improvements Columbia, South Carolina

This $3 million+ improvement project was designed by B.P. Barber & Associates, now AECOM, and constructed by M. B. Kahn in 2007 for Columbia Water. The Mill Creek basin reaches into the Lower Richland and Old Hopkins areas. Mill Creek Pump Station is a Sanitary Sewer Lift Station that pumps wastewater flows to the Columbia Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant, another M. B. Kahn project site since 2001. M. B. Kahn completed a complete overhaul and upgrade that allowed Mill Creek to reach a capacity of 23 million gallons a day. M.B. Kahn constructed a new grinder vault along with several new bypass connections. Other tasks included the installation of a generator, several pumps, Variable Frequency Drives and Motor Control Centers along with final site improvements. M. B. Kahn completed additional improvements to Mill Creek along with the Broad River Pump Station in 2012. B. P. Barber was the designer of that $5.5 million project as well.

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