Columbia Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant System Upgrades, Improvements, & Expansions Columbia, South Carolina

M. B. Kahn has completed over $60 million of construction, improvements, and expansions at the Columbia Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant since 2001. Treatment at the plant consists of flow equalization and metering, screening and grit removal, primary and secondary clarification, diffused air flotation, solids handling and dewatering, anaerobic digestion, incineration, activated sludge aeration, return and waste activated sludge operations, chlorination, and dechlorination. M. B. Kahn’s major projects have included improvements to the aeration tanks, installation of a diffused air systems for four basins, upgrades to on site pump stations as well the remote/standby effluent pump station, construction of a new 150’ diameter clarifier, refurbishment of ten active clarifiers, as well as modifications to the disinfection, wash down, and gas detection systems. Notably, M. B. Kahn replaced the bottom of the Plant’s sludge collectors with new stainless steel rapid withdrawing collector mechanisms, new piping, new gates, a new spray water system, new weirs, baffles, and handrails.

Currently, M.B. Kahn is completing the a $22 million contract to rehabilitate two of the Plant’s five anaerobic digesters and another $2 million contract to improve to the non potable water system. Key modifications to the yard piping were completed to convey co-thickened primary and waste activated sludges from the existing trains one and trains two dissolved air flotation buildings to each anaerobic digester. M. B. Kahn demolished the existing equipment, piping, valves, and appurtenances from the three existing digester headhouse then installed new equipment inside each existing headhouse and also constructed new boilers. Within the non potable system, M. B. Kahn removed two existing micro screens along with various electrical equipment then installed two new automatic self-cleaning strainers, six new metering pumps, four vertical mixers, two slide gates, new motor control centers for the existing non-potable water pumps, and all associated electrical equipment.

M. B. Kahn’s collaborative approach allowed the City to phase the project and ensured that Metro’s treatment process was not interrupted during construction. Additional scope of work includes modifications to the Electrical, upgrades to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system as well as the Effluent Pump Station and Chemical Treatment Systems. Columbia Metro WWTP collects wastewater from approximately 63,000 approved connections located along approximately 1,000 miles of pipeline. Metro is rated for 60 million gallons a day and averages 35 MGD. The construction of this complex project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2018.

These projects are a key aspect of the City’s Clean Water 2020’ program. Columbia Metro WWTP collects wastewater from approximately 63,000 approved connections located along approximately 1,000 miles of pipeline both inside the Columbia City limits and in portions of both Richland and Lexington Counties. The City of Columbia utilizes the Mentor Protégé Program on many of their projects. M. B. Kahn has worked as a mentor with a minority-owned protégé through several projects in order to confirm growth and development for minority-owned companies.

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