Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant Upgrades & Improvements Columbia, South Carolina

M. B. Kahn has completed numerous projects at the Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant, which is owned and operated by Columbia Water. In 2002, M. B. Kahn completed $2.4 million worth of modifications to the plant that were designed by Jordan, Jones & Goulding. M. B. Kahn was awarded the major improvements contract in 2004. This $19.5 million project was designed by B. P. Barber & Associates, now AECOM, and included the construction of a high service 5 million gallons a day clearwell, also known as a ‘finished water’ or ‘clean water’ storage tank, with a corresponding ‘finished water’/’clean water’ pump station, a chemical system and corresponding chemical facility and final filter additions. M. B. Kahn began work on more plant enhancements in 2015 under a Black & Veatch design to improve the plant’s disinfection, residuals handling and the pumping systems, including raw water and ‘finished water’/’clean water’ pump stations.

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