Lake Marion Regional Water Treatment Plant Santee, South Carolina

In 2004, M. B. Kahn was chosen by Santee Cooper Power and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct a new $25 million water treatment facility, known as the Lake Marion Regional Water Treatment Plant (WTP). This was a greenfield project designed by Hobbs Upchurch & Associates. M. B. Kahn constructed the 8 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) membrane treatment plant on unused land with the ability to increase capacity to 12 MGD. M. B. Kahn’s scope of work included major earth moving operations to clear and grade the 60 acre site, where the 8 MGD treatment facility was constructed. M. B. Kahn constructed a full capacity raw water pump station and a raw water intake structure, which included the installation of a 54 inch and 50 foot deep raw water intake line that extends 1,500 linear feet into Lake Marion. Other facilities built on site by M. B. Kahn include buildings used for membrane/chemical treatment, electrical controls, residuals processing and sludge. M. B. Kahn’s final phase of the project included constructing clear wells, also known as ‘finished water’ and ‘clean water’ storage tanks, a high service pump stating for ‘finished’/’clean’ water and site pumping. Lake Marion WTP was completed in 2008 and is owned by Santee Cooper Power. The plant is operated by the Lake Marion Regional System (LMRWS), a division of the Santee Cooper Regional Water System (SCRWS). LMRWS wholesales their treated water to the Lake Marion Regional Agency, which currently serves the Towns of Santee and Bowman, SC. The plant is located on a site south of the Santee and approximately a half mile from Lake Marion.

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