James Creek Water Reclamation Facility Suwanee, Georgia

M. B. Kahn was chosen by Forsyth County to expand the James Creek Water Reclamation Facility from 1 million gallons per day (MGD) to 2.55 MGD. In addition to expanding the capacity of the bioreactor membrane tanks, the scope of this work included the construction of a new influent pump station, new headworks consisting of grit removal and fine screening, a one million gallon pre-stressed concrete equalization tank, new odor control systems, plant water (re-use) pump station upgrade to larger vertical turbine pumps with pressure-based control, open-channel ultraviolet disinfection system, and chemical feed systems. Additional work included the installation of 3,000 linear feet of 16-inch high-density polyethylene pipe and 1,600 linear feet of 24-inch ductile iron piping gravity effluent outfall piping. The work also included new waste activated sludge (WAS) and return activated sludge (RAS) pumps, piping, and controls as well as repurposing
of the existing WAS pumps to feed a new centrifuge.

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