Fairfield County Career & Technology Center Winnsboro, South Carolina

This new facility is located between the existing High and Middle Schools. An extensive safety and
phasing plan was implemented during construction and resulted in 0 accidents or incidents. The
contract delivery method was CM at Risk. At 63,500 square feet, this project was delivered under budget, and
cost savings were returned to the District after close‐out.

Programs & Labs:

∙ Barbering (Master Hair Care)
∙ Cosmetology
∙ Culinary Arts
∙ Business Education
∙ Plant Science
∙ Law Enforcement
∙ Small Animal
∙ Health Sciences
∙ Sports Medicine
∙ Biomedical Science
∙ Electrical
∙ Digital Media
∙ Firefighter
∙ Auto Tech
∙ Graphic Communications
∙ Welding
∙ Masonry
∙ Carpentry
∙ Computer Repair
∙ Biomedical Science

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