Daniel Island WWTP Influent Screening, Solids Handling Facility, & Odor Control System Charleston, South Carolina

The Daniel Island WWTP is owned and operated by Charleston Water System. The scope of work on this project included the installation of a new 2,250 GPM rotary drum screen into an existing screening platform, new piping, new plumbing, HVAC, and a 2,000 CFM odor control system. A new sludge dewatering building, sludge press, and approach channel were constructed with correlating electrical work.

The City of Charleston annexed Daniel Island in 1992 and built the WWTP soon after. Due to large economical growth on the Island, wastewater now undergoes pretreatment at the Daniel Island WWTP before entering the Cooper Sewer Tunnel tunnel then heading to Plum Island WWTP for final treatment.

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