M. B. Kahn Named Wellness Winner April 22, 2019

M. B. Kahn’s new employee wellness program is a BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina LiveLifeBlue honoree! The LiveLifeBlue awards annually spotlight seven South Carolina companies that set the highest standards for promoting employee health and wellness. M. B. Kahn’s “Building. Better. Health” program features fun, challenging activities for employees of all ability levels. Director of Human Resources Mallory Baldwin accepted the award, which is on display at the Columbia office.

The company’s program offers a number of ways for employees to stay active. M. B. Kahn sponsors team sports such as bowling, Frisbee golf, basketball, and softball. The comprehensive plan also includes step challenges, walking events, and discounts at local gyms.

Mental health is a cornerstone of the M. B. Kahn program. The company redesigned its break area to be more relaxing and welcoming, and updated the campus to include more greenery.

M.B. Kahn has encouraged healthy eating by offering more nutritious snacks on site. Also, its catered menus include more vegetables, and foods that are baked rather than fried.

The Building. Better. Health. program,  recognizes its top participants with an annual off-site banquet and drawings for cash prizes. Just one year in, the program is already enjoying high rates of participation and satisfaction.

M. B. Kahn Building. Better. Health.

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