The 2015 Irwin Kahn Award for Safety Excellence February 10, 2016

M. B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc. is serious about safety! We are wholly committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees and have developed a superior safety program to help achieve our #1 goal of “0” accidents. As we work relentlessly towards achieving this goal, we understand that the unwavering commitment of our personnel is critical to our success. Therefore, we are proud of their dedication, and we are pleased to recognize them through our yearly safety awards program. The 2015 winners include:

The 2015 Irwin Kahn Award for Safety Excellence:

Irwin Kahn Division


Top Five Accident Prevention Teams:

1st Place – Irwin Kahn Division

Superintendent: Joe Merlette

Crew: Joel Bright, Shea Remion, Kevin Scheerer, and Anthony Merlette


2nd Place – Greenville Division

Superintendent: David Martin

Crew: Matthew Jones, Nate Thompson, Chad Heatherly, Alvin Black, and Robert Campbell


3rd Place – Greenville Division

Superintendent: Gabe Armour

Crew: Ralph Black, Robert Campbell, and Tommie Moye


4th Place – Waterworks Division

Superintendent: Troy Owen

Crew: Bardo Santiago, Bradley Williams, Andrew Beckham, Kyle Benson, and Nate Dawson


5th Place – Irwin Kahn Division

Superintendent: Randy Crummie

Crew: Michael King and Chris Thigpen


Top Project Manager Award:

Richard Ness

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