Bid Opportunity – WTP Clearwell, High Service Pump Station, & Water Line, Lawndale, NC December 28, 2020

M. B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc.’s Waterworks Division is submitting a bid for the WTP Clearwell, High Service Pump Station, & Water Line for Cleveland Co. Water in Lawndale, NC, on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

We are currently soliciting cost proposals for portions of the work set forth below:
• Demolition
• Reinforcing Steel
• Structural Concrete
• Masonry
• Structural Steel
• Prefabricated Lite Gage Metal Roof Trusses
• Metal Fabrications
• Thermal and Moisture Protection
• FRP Flush Doors
• OH Coiling Doors
• Door Hardware, Louvers and Vents
• High Performance Coatings
• Signage
• Equipment – Electric Motors
• Plumbing
• Integrated Automation
• Electrical
• Earthwork
• Rock and Boulder Excavation
• Rip Rap
• Flexible Paving
• Fences and Gates
• Turf and Grasses
• Manholes, Vaults, Frames and Covers
• Water Utility Distribution Piping
• Pre-stressed Concrete Water Storage Tanks
• Piping
• Hoisting Equipment
• Vertical Turbine Pumps

If you have any questions, please contact:

M. B. Kahn Waterworks
Chief Estimator, Melissa Roldan
Phone: 803-227-1279
Fax: 803-736-3924

Insurance instructions are available here:

Plans available for viewing at these locations:

M. B. Kahn Office (Waterworks Division)
101 Flintlake Road, Columbia, SC 29223

Willis Engineers
10700 Sikes Place, Suite 115
Charlotte, NC

Cleveland County Water
439 Casar Lawndale Road
Lawndale, NC

In addition to 803-736-3924, feel free to use any of the following fax numbers for the submission of bids: 803-699-6413, 803-699-6415, & 803-736-5833.

Bids may also be emailed to

In an effort to encourage participation of DBE, MBE, WBE, HUB, or SBE businesses, M. B. Kahn can provide assistance for qualified
businesses, which includes providing of equipment, obtaining of required insurance, and/or bonds, equipment, loan capital, lines of
credit, or joint pay agreements to secure loans, supplies, or letters of credit, in some instances waiving of credit that may be
ordinarily required, obtaining unit pricing to help establish credit, and offer payment terms to assist in meeting cash-flow demands.
M. B. Kahn can also arrange to pay requesting minority contractors and suppliers twice monthly on submission of qualified invoice
to assist with cash flow demands.

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